The Campaign

Founded by civic leaders in a dusty town at the edge of a continent, USC was born outside the city limits, a frontier institution at its heart. Its aspirations—and embrace—were as expansive as the region it claimed. It was poised to break boundaries and transcend geography.

USC developed in stride with the dynamic city of Los Angeles and was shaped by a succession of visionary women and men who invested their time, insight, and financial resources to build one of the world’s great universities. Thanks to their commitment, we have produced countless leaders in every field of endeavor and given rise to an extended family like no other.

Today, USC is an agile, driven, inventive and intellectually electric university. Although we remain very much of Southern California, our reach and impact now extend across the world. Our academic strengths, entrepreneurial spirit, and global orientation uniquely position USC to produce the leaders of tomorrow and the ideas that will serve humankind.

The Campaign for the University of Southern California is a multi-year effort to secure private support from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. This historic and ambitious fundraising effort will touch and transform every aspect of the university.

We call upon the thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, community members, parents, and friends who share our vision and are eager to help USC fulfill its potential.

This is our heritage.

This is our future.

This is the Campaign for the University of Southern California.