Endowment for Faculty and Research Programs

A top priority for USC is to increase the number of exceptional faculty and ensure that current stellar faculty thrive in their teaching, research, and creative work. Like the catalyst in a chain reaction, USC faculty set off a cascade of effects that determine the quality of their departments, their schools or college, their students, and ultimately, their university. The more accomplished they are, the better the Ph.D., graduate, and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty they attract to USC; the more creative their collaborations; the more external funding they receive; and the more consequential their research.

A cadre of renowned USC faculty has built a vibrant intellectual foundation and left lasting marks—on their fields, the university, and society as a whole— through their teaching, creative expression, and discoveries. In the years ahead, USC must work even harder to recruit and foster the careers of transformative faculty whose reputation for productivity and excellence will place the university at the forefront of every intellectual revolution. This requires that we attract interdisciplinary superstars as well as leaders within disciplines who will raise the stature of our academic community even more, and it requires that we provide them with the resources they need to fulfill their immense potential.

Therefore USC must establish substantially more endowed chairs and professorships and increase our ability to offer generous recruitment packages. We must provide cutting-edge facilities where these transformative faculty members can carry out their work, as well as libraries and collections to support their scholarship and research. And we must create seed funds to jump-start research projects along with bridge funds to close the critical gap between laboratory discoveries and the direct application of those discoveries to those who most need them.

The return on this investment will be measured in our faculty’s scholarly output and recognition, the thousands of future leaders they educate, their positive impact on society, and USC’s elevation to the highest ranks of the world’s universities.

Priority Goals

  • Named Schools, Departments, Institutes, Centers, and Programs
  • Deanships
  • Chairs and Professorships
  • Center and Institute Directorships
  • Early Career Professorships
  • Visiting Professorships
  • Research, Innovation, and Bridge Funds
  • Named Libraries, Collections, and Laboratories