Immediate Support for Academic Priorities

USC has a rich history of developing leading-edge technologies, nurturing emerging art forms, and overcoming insurmountable odds in its pursuit of academic innovation, whether that means establishing the first cinema school in the United States in 1930, or, more recently, merging engineering and medicine to facilitate cross-disciplinary research and train a new breed of graduate and medical students working on cutting-edge treatments and cures for cancer. That capability is rooted in the university’s entrepreneurial spirit and in its drive to find its own path. These qualities define USC’s intellectual character and energize our academic enterprise.

But ideas and inspiration alone are not enough to manifest new academic programs and lines of inquiry at USC. It takes generous funding to forge the collaborations, establish the institutes and centers, develop the curricula, outfit the labs, build the library collections, and seed the projects that will generate tomorrow’s investigations and fields of study.

In every school and unit, the university has an ongoing need for significantly more annual support for academic priorities and research. Government funding for research is unreliable and is nearly always for specific projects. Instead, USC increasingly must rely on unrestricted annual giving to fund strategic opportunities and support research that addresses society’s most urgent challenges.

The Campaign will build on USC’s innovative programs and scholarship to position the university at the academic vanguard, where our fresh perspectives will translate into new questions, possibilities, knowledge, and solutions for a constantly changing world.

Priority Goals

  • Enriching the Undergraduate Experience
  • Strengthening Graduate Programs
  • Transforming Human Health
  • Discovering Solutions through the Social Sciences
  • Fostering the Arts and Humanities
  • Exploring the Intersections of Technology and Communication
  • Engaging with the Local Community
  • Extending Global Connections and Impact
  • Creating the Environment for Excellence