World’s Largest Study of a Rare Genetic Disorder Offers New Insights on Schizophrenia

USC researchers are investigating 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, a genetic disorder linked to schizophrenia, in an effort to find a biomarker of the serious mental illness.

A Potential New Weapon Against Deadly Brain and Soft Tissue Cancers

USC Viterbi researchers have designed a drug cocktail that kills some types of brain and soft tissue cancers by tricking the cells to behave as if they were starving for their favorite food–glucose.

Teen and Young Adult Cancer Survivors find Support at Keck Medicine of USC

After chemotherapy and radiation, cancer patient Aviana D’Souza’s Stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma had gone into remission. Then a different struggle began.

Keck School’s ATRI to Launch Massive Trial of Drug that could Treat Alzheimer’s

Can a drug slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer’s? A massive new clinical trial conducted by Keck School of Medicine of USC’s Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute could help find out.

Keck School Faculty make Business Journal’s ‘Top Docs in L.A.’ List

Eighteen members of the faculty at Keck School of Medicine of USC were included in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Top Doctors in Los Angeles” issue for 2020.

A 24/7 Advocate for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Gender-Based Harm

A new trauma-informed program at USC Student Health offers personalized support for survivors, both on and off campus.

New Imaging Technology Could Advance Medical Cures and Save Time

The newly developed method, SEER, works up to 67 times faster and at 2.7 times greater definition than current techniques.

USC Study Finds “Dabbing Teens” More Likely to Keep Using Cannabis

Although the total number of high schoolers who were “dabbing,” i.e., inhaling cannabis vapor, was low, those teens had nearly six times the likelihood of continuing to use concentrates.

A Novel Approach to Medical Testing

USC Viterbi’s Maral Mousavi is using nail polish, paper, yarn and other improvised materials to make medical diagnostics more accessible and affordable.

New Virtual Dermatology Consults for Students

USC Student Health now offers virtual consults, which means physicians can send photos of students’ skin issues to a dermatologist and speed up care considerably.