USC School of Cinematic Arts

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Here’s how your philanthropy is having an impact on the USC School of Cinematic Arts:

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$74.6M for Academic Priorities
$99M for Endowment
$70M for Capital Projects




$12,243,136 raised for scholarships


$108,576,399 raised for chairs, professorships and other faculty support
$4,889,227 raised for research
16 faculty positions endowed

John Watson
Dana and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli Endowed Chair in Producing
Dedicated on November 23, 2009
Chair graciously funded by Dana and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli Charitable Foundation

Mary Sweeney
Dino and Martha De Laurentiis Endowed Professorship
Dedicated on April 1, 2011
Chair graciously funded by Martha De Laurentiis

Cecil B. DeMille Endowed Chair in Silent Film
Dedicated on September 26, 2011
Chair graciously funded by the Cecil B. DeMille Foundation

Dennis Wixon
Microsoft Endowed Professorship
Dedicated on September 18, 2012
Chair graciously funded by Microsoft Corporation

Michael Fink
The Kortschak Family Endowed Division Chair in Film and Television Production
Dedicated on November 7, 2012
Chair graciously funded by Walter G. and Marcia B. Kortschak and Kortschak Investments, L.P.

Richard Weinberg
Charles S. Swartz Endowed Chair in Entertainment Technology
Dedicated on September 26, 2013
Chair graciously funded by Stephanie Rothman

Nancy Forner
The Michael Kahn Endowed Chair in Editing
Dedicated on November 11, 2013
Chair graciously funded by The Wunderkinder Foundation

Bruce A. Block
The Sergei Eisenstein Endowed Chair in Cinematic Design
Dedicated on March 13, 2014
Chair graciously funded by The George Lucas Family Foundation

Michael L. Fink
The Georges Méliès Endowed Chair in Visual Effects
Dedicated on March 13, 2014
Chair graciously funded by The George Lucas Family Foundation

Alex B. McDowell
The William Cameron Menzies Endowed Chair in Production Design
Dedicated on March 13, 2014
Chair graciously funded by The George Lucas Family Foundation

Mark Jonathan Harris
Mona and Bernard Kantor Endowed Chair in Production
Dedicated on April 29, 2014
Chair graciously funded by the estate of Mona and Bernard Kantor

David Weitzner
Mark Burnett Endowed Chair honoring the Director of the Summer Production Program
Dedicated on April 27, 2016
Chair graciously funded by Mark Burnett

Michael Renov
The Haskell Wexler Endowed Chair in Documentary
Dedicated on September 25, 2016
Chair graciously funded by the George Lucas Family Foundation

Ted Braun
Joseph Campbell Endowed Chair in Cinematic Ethics
Dedicated on April 27, 2017
Chair graciously funded by the George Lucas Family Foundation

Barnet Kellman
Robin Williams Endowed Chair in Comedy
Dedicated on June 6, 2017
Chair graciously funded by the George Lucas Family Foundation

Akira Mizuta Lippit
T.C. Wang Family Endowed Chair in Cinematic Arts
Dedicated on October 17, 2017
Chair graciously funded by the T.C. Wang Family

Teresa Cheng
John C. Hench Endowed Division Chair
Dedicated on April 25, 2018
Chair graciously funded by the John C. Hench Foundation


Completion of the School of Cinematic Arts Complex in 2013.

Capital named spaces during the University Campaign include:

  • Sumner Redstone Production Building
  • Meldman Family Cinematic Arts Park
  • John Williams Scoring Stage
  • Marcia Lucas Post Production Center
  • Ray Stark Family Theatre
  • Fanny Brice Theatre
  • Albert R. “Cubby” and Dana Broccoli Theatre
  • John Wayne Collection
  • Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Center for Animation
  • Michelle & Kevin Douglas IMAX Theatre and Immersive Lab

Notable Student Accolades

  • SCA Graduate Student Willie Williams is the recipient of a prestigious Princess Grace Award undergraduate film in 2010
  • Erin Reynolds was the recipient of Michelle Obama’s Apps for Healthy Kids program
  • Emily Hendricks wins the Student Academy Award for Multiply in 2010
  • Asher Volmer’s student game wins top honors at the UCLA game fair in 2011
  • SCA student game DangerCopter honored by Qualcomm Contest in 2011
  • Katherine Duffy and Xavier Burgin win scholarships in the Dr. Pepper Game Changers Film Festival in 2012
  • Kylie Nicholson wins the Women in Technology award for her work in math and digital photography in 2012
  • SCA students Chao Thao and Javier Barboza win the Princess Grace Award in 2012
  • Student game Combiform honored by the Siggraph Awards in 2012
  • Amanda Tasse wins Student Academy Award for Time Clock in 2012
  • Simon Wilches-Castro wins Adobe Design Award Grand Prize in 2013
  • Doctoral candidate Joshua McVeigh-Schultz awarded the Intel PhD Fellowship in 2013
  • David Aristizabal wins Student Academy Award for A Second Chance in 2013
  • Student films through the Media Institute for Social Change screen as part of the Toronto International Film Festival in collaboration with Armani in the Films for City Frames exhibition
  • Doctoral candidate Nonny De La Pena honored by the BBC for Virtual Syria in 2014
  • HBO/National Association of Latino Independent Producers recognize Alexandre Peralta’s student thesis Looking at the Stars in 2014
  • Kevin Wong, Catherine Fox, Alec Faulkner, Esteban Fajardo and Tommy Hoffman receive the BAFTA “Ones to Watch Award” in 2015
  • Alicja Jasina wins Student Academy Award for Once Upon A Line in 2016
  • Ariel Heller wins Student Academy Award for Mammoth in 2017
  • Writing Division undergraduate student Evan Dodson becomes the youngest person to have a script on the Black List (industry list of best unproduced scripts) with Two Butterflies
  • Lishan Amde’s 2017 MFA thesis project Tracking Ida wins Best Game Play Award at Games for Change Festival
  • Aroussiak Gabrielian wins Rome Prize in 2017-2018
  • MFA writing student Stanley Kalu wins The LAUNCH’s Million Dollar Screenplay Contest, for his script The Obituary of Tunde Johnson
  • Five SCA students, all women, win Student Academy Awards in 2018: Yu Yu for Daisy in the Animation category; Kelley Kali for Lalo’s House and Hua Tong for Spring Flower, in the narrative category; and Yiying Li for the documentary Love & Loss

Notable Faculty Accolades

  • Distinguished Professor Mark Jonathan Harris receives the IDA Preservation and Scholarship Award at the 2010 IDA Documentary Awards
  • Professor Mary Sweeney named the Chair of Film Independent in 2013
  • Professor Michael Patterson and Professor Candace Reckinger show animation installation debut Rhythms and Visions in 2011, and then in 2013 again in 2017
  • Tracy Fullerton received the National Endowment for the Arts grant for Walden, a game in 2012; received IndieCade’s Trailblazer Award in 2013; wins Game Changer Award by Games for Change Festival in 2015; received a National Endowment for Humanities grant in 2015; and is presented with the Ambassador Award at the Game Developers Conference in 2016
  • Professor Ellen Seiter received the 2017 Pedagogy Award from the Society for Cinema and Media Studies
  • Professor Christine Acham named assistant dean of diversity and inclusion in 2018
  • Mike Fink was inducted as a Visual Effects Society Fellow by the Visual Effects Society Board of Directors
  • Professor of Animation and former Division Chair Tom Sito, has been named vice-chair of the Short Films Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
  • Professor of Screenwriting and former Division Chair Howard Rodman was elected president of the Writers Guild of America West
  • Professor Marientina Gotsis was awarded a transformative National Institute of Health grant to develop a virtual reality-based system for walking rehabilitation
  • Judy Irola, the Conrad Hall Chair of Cinematography at SCA, was awarded the Nat Tiffen Award for Excellence in Cinematography Education

Ranking Improvements and Notable Academic Accolades

  • USC School of Cinematic Arts has been named the #1 film school in North America by The Hollywood Reporter every year since 2012
  • USC Games is ranked the #1 game design school in North America by The Princeton Review for seven years
  • USC Comedy Initiative was launched in 2013
  • Media Art + Practice becomes SCA’s seventh division in 2013
  • Media Institute for Social Change (MISC) is launched in 2013
  • USC Games is created as a cross-campus collaboration in 2014
  • Jaunt VR Lab Launched in 2016
  • American Film Showcase was funded by a grant from the U.S. State Department in 2011, and through ongoing renewals, continues to send filmmakers and their films all over the globe
  • Middle East Media Initiative (MEMI) launched in 2018 to bring working media creators from the region to SCA to study with notable Hollywood creators

Notable Discoveries, Innovations, Medical Breakthroughs With Origins at USC

Led by Professor Mark Jonathan Harris, SCA partnered with RAND Corporation’s Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center (EPC) to produce Interacting with Autism, a video-based website about autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It presents the most current, evidence-based information on autism in an emotionally compelling and accessible form.

Notable Symposia and Exhibitions Held, or Academic Partnerships Created

  • Brandon Tartikoff Exhibit in 2012
  • John Wayne Exhibit in 2013
  • Steven Spielberg Exhibit in 2018
  • Dennis Hopper Exhibit in 2017
  • Marvel Exhibit in 2018
  • Planet of the Apes Exhibit in 2018
  • Hunter S. Thompson Exhibit in 2018
  • USC Games Expo in 2018

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