Scholar Highlight: Carson Vest

Carson Vest
Carson Vest

Introducing Carson Vest, a senior hailing from Chicago, Illinois, currently pursuing a BS in business administration with a minor in AI, and concurrently working towards an MS in finance as part of the Progressive Degree Program at USC. What’s truly impressive is Carson’s plan to graduate with both degrees in just 3.5 years!

Carson credits the feasibility of her USC education to the university’s commitment to providing essential financial support. Beyond financial assistance, she chose USC for its vibrant outdoor culture, allowing her to immerse herself in skiing, climbing and surfing—all in a single day!

Her standout class is Finance and Business Economics (FBE) 421, Financial Valuation and Analysis, taught by Professor Julia Plotts. Carson values Professor Plotts’s approach, integrating practical applications and fostering meaningful connections within the subject matter.

Actively engaged in extracurricular activities at USC, including BlockchainSC, AI Collective, Surf Club and Troylabs, Carson aspires to enter the world of venture capital upon graduation. Her focus lies in funding innovative companies in climate tech, AI and blockchain technologies.

Carson wholeheartedly believes that the Trojan network is the standout feature of USC. The supportive and resourceful alumni community has significantly influenced her journey, particularly in the dynamic field of business. USC, she notes, uniquely offers resources and opportunities for both personal and professional growth, all within an atmosphere of vibrant student life.

In Carson’s own words, “The USC Associates Scholarship has been instrumental in my USC journey. It not only made my education here possible, but also set me on a path of incredible growth and promising career prospects. I’d like to express my gratitude to all the donors and the USC community for their unwavering support and the fantastic opportunities their support made possible. The experiences I’ve had and connections I’ve made at USC are invaluable and will undoubtedly shape my future career and life.”

Carson’s testimony underscores the transformative impact of the USC Associates Scholarship, not just in facilitating her education but in propelling her towards a future of immense possibilities. We extend our deepest appreciation to our donors for their unwavering support, making stories like Carson’s a testament to the profound impact of scholarship opportunities at USC.

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