New and Upgraded Members


Raissa and Bill Choi*
Bonnie Dale*
Kelly and Santanu Das
Goldman Family Fund*
Jill and Stephen Petty*
Junhua and Mark Pinsky
Dr. Peter N. Schlegel
Elizabeth and Tyler Seltzer*
Jonathan W. Trutter*


Sandee and Tim Archer*
Kimberly and Rigo Diaz*
Margot and Dennis Doucette*
Wendy L. Fisher*
The Gohar Family
Kavita and Rahul Gupta*
Drs. Mary V. and John E. Mason*
Janet and Michael McDermott*
Katherine M. Milias
Jordan Noone
Nita and Kevin Parikh*
Shirley and David Traum*
Wesley Wada*
Rula and Nasser Watar


Elizabeth and Anthony Abbattista
Jacklin and Sevag Ajemian
Elizabeth and Steven Atlee
Dolly Bali and Kuldip Bali
Dianna Lau and Kevin Beggs
Heather and Ryan Burton
Elissa and Daniel Bystrom
Dr. Parmis and Luis Campa*
Kathleen Burns Campos and Robert Campos
Sophia and Jason Chan
Esther and William Chen*
Kelley and Paul Chen
Lilia Xu and Jason Chen
Denise and James Cisneros
Jennifer E. and Curtis Cohen
DeAnna and Michael Colglazier
Kathryn Collins
Vickie and George Demos
Monique and Lambert Devoe
Anne Marie and Scott Duncan
Madison and Scott Dunklee
Clotilde Fournier-Facory and Omar Facory
Linda and Boyd Faust
The Fenoglio Family
Michael and Lindsay Gazzano
Christina Maria Gonzalez and Alberto Gonzalez
Patrick and Chris Grismer Family
Synthia M. Gunzel and Robert S. Gunzel
Amy Sylvis and Joel Gutierrez
Lisa L. Halm
Joanna and Christopher Hameetman
Betsy Newman and Howard Heitner
Cherie Starry and C. Brad Hintz*
Angelique and Paul Julian
Margeaux and Andrew Kwok
Caroline and Kevin Leach
Julie and Leonard Lee
Anna Lee and Vinson C. Lee
Sarah and Lee Lowrey
Jody and John McNamee
Michelle and Eric Mear*
Billie and Jason Melillo
David Naimark
Rick Nordin
Rauline Gonzales Ochs
Laurie and Todd Okum
The Osuna Family
Anjana Patel and Raj B. Patel
Shauna Torok Reppe and Rik Reppe
Christina Di Loreto and Stephen Rokoszewski
Ana and Peter Santoro
Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz
Debbie and Doug Shepherd
Rosemary and Rand Sperry
Pam and Thomas Summerfield*
Edward W. Summers
Mary and Sidney Tee
Andy Thai
Yuko and Kengo Watanabe
Amy Yee


Lauren Caroline Abbattista
Katie and Sam Ashbrook
Samer Ahmad Awad
Devon Robert Campos
Chanelle Ann Ciaramitaro
Crystal Elise Ciaramitaro
Sorelle Cohen
Jeffrey Cui
Bella X. Dong
Krystal Dry
Michael Duan
Keely J. Eure
Austin Michael Felix
Jordan and Nick Gallogly
Susan Marie Hill
Elise N. Hong
Ethan C. Hong
Andrea Candace Jemiolo
Devin Isabelle Kleiner
Liangyu Lin
Jason Lubin
Helene Ma
Julia Matthews
Taylor and Andrew McAllister
Kristen Mizutani
Matthew Mandel Naimark
Brynn Akemi Nakamoto
Mina and Rick Nott
Kendall Carolyn O’Malley
Karina S. Patel
Korina Patel and Roshan R. Patel
Amanda and Geoffrey Rosen
Rachel and Andrew Schlegel
Steven Schwartz
Colburn W. Trutter
Tom Porter Youngblood
Natasha Yousefi

* Upgraded Membership

List updated 9/30/2022

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