Endowment Gifts

As USC’s endowment grows, so does its capacity to transform bold ideas into life-changing realities, for the university and everyone it serves. By contributing to USC’s endowment, supporters are able to provide enduring sources of funding for the people, programs, and activities they care about and wish to nurture. Because the principal is not spent and a portion of the income is reinvested, an endowment lasts in perpetuity. Every gift to endowment, no matter the size, will allow USC to achieve our greatest goals in the coming decades and have an impact for generations to come. Establishing an endowment in some academic disciplines such as science or medicine may require a higher endowment level.

Endowment Naming Gift Opportunities
     USC Schools
     Institutes, Centers, and Departments
     Faculty Support
          Trustee Professor
          Dean’s Chair
          Presidential Professor
          University Professor
          Distinguished Professor
          Provost Professor
          Chair, Director, or Chief
          Associate Professor as Fellow of the Endowment
          Assistant Professor as an Early Career Chair
          Visiting Professor
     Student Support
          Full Undergraduate Scholarship
          Ph.D. or Graduate Student Fellowship
          Postdoctoral Fellowship
          Partial Scholarship or Fellowship
          Full Athletic Scholarship
     Academic Programs
     Other Endowment Funds