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Household pesticide use hurts babies, study shows

When she was growing up near Fresno, Ixel Hernandez-Castro and her friends played in fields that had just been sprayed with pesticides. Those memories drive the USC doctoral student's research on how similar exposure affects children.|| Editor's Picks | Health | Top Story | Research

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In USC labs, another year of groundbreaking discoveries

? Year in review: Whether they're working with patients, test tubes or massive databases, USC scientists continue to push the envelope with discoveries that are literally changing people's lives.|| Editor's Picks | Science/Technology | University | Alzheimer's | Alzheimer's Disease | COVID-19 | COVID-19 Experts | Faculty | Pharmacy | Politics | Research | Year in Review 2021

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Driven to lead, USC sets the pace on carbon neutrality

In a move taken by only a handful of universities, USC aims for carbon neutrality. By 2025, USC will have improved its energy efficiency and expanded the use of solar power. USC also has made sustainability a core part of its curriculum, fostering global citizens who will fight climate change.|| Editor's Picks | Top Story | University | Carol L. Folt | Climate Change | Sustainability

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How AI could help screen for autism in children

A computer adaptive test, powered by machine learning, helps clinical practitioners decide what questions to ask next in real-time based on caregivers' previous responses.|| Editor's Picks | Health | Science/Technology | Artificial Intelligence | Autism | Research

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How to reclaim more water — and save money, too

In Southern California, desalination facilities and wastewater reclamation plants are often near each other. That presents opportunities to provide the most water possible, while minimizing energy usage and keeping the environment in mind, USC Viterbi researchers say.|| Editor's Picks | Science/Technology | Engineering | Research | Sustainability | Water

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USC dental students look to make dentistry more sustainable

Single-use gowns, paper towels, gloves, plastic packaging and butcher paper can make dental education's carbon footprint large, but the Ostrow Sustainability Group aims to change that paradigm -- teaching dental students how to practice dentistry without trashing the planet.|| Editor's Picks | Health | Top Story | Dentistry | Students | Sustainability

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