New Imaging Technology Could Advance Medical Cures and Save Time

The newly developed method, SEER, works up to 67 times faster and at 2.7 times greater definition than current techniques.

A Novel Approach to Medical Testing

USC Viterbi’s Maral Mousavi is using nail polish, paper, yarn and other improvised materials to make medical diagnostics more accessible and affordable.

New Virtual Dermatology Consults for Students

USC Student Health now offers virtual consults, which means physicians can send photos of students’ skin issues to a dermatologist and speed up care considerably.

Stand-up Comedian Bounces Back From Six Bedbound Years, Thanks to USC Team

Severe lymphedema left Eddie Barojas bedridden—until a team of USC physical therapists, occupational therapists, urologists and wound-care specialists got him back on his feet.


Hybrid Doctoral Program Shows Promising Results for Physical Therapy Students

Hybrid programs allow physical therapy students to study remotely online while also attending periodic in-person immersions where they can put their skills into practice on-campus.

New Innovations Bring Voice Assistant Capabilities to Healthcare

Keck Medicine has collaborated with UnitedHealthcare and Optum to launch voice assistant capabilities for all Keck Medicine patients in any healthcare plan.

Lighting Up Cardiovascular Problems Using Nanoparticles

New nanotechnology from USC Viterbi researchers will enable the detection of blocked arteries more effectively than ever before.

USC Study Connects Air Pollution, Memory Problems and Alzheimer’s-Like Brain Changes

Women in their 70s and 80s who were exposed to fine particle pollution had declines in memory and physical brain changes that were not seen in women who breathed cleaner air.

Scientists Reveal a New Frontier in Cardiac Research

At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Saban Research Institute, researchers have discovered a mechanism of cardiac regeneration in zebrafish that could change the field of heart research.

USC-Trained Medical Clowns Use Laughter to Help Foster Children

The USC School of Dramatic Arts’ medical clown program has partnered with the Children’s Bureau to provide healing and well-being to foster children.