USC Physical Therapists Help Patients Manage Life After Prostate Cancer

USC physical therapists can assist men like Richard Johannesen in strengthening their pelvic floor muscles and reducing the side effects of prostate removal.

Immersion is Everything for USC Hybrid Physical Therapy Students

USC’s unique program requires hybrid online/on-campus students to spend nearly 60 days in on-campus immersions to refine their skills and solidify everything they’ve learned online.

Hybrid Doctoral Program Shows Promising Results for Physical Therapy Students

Hybrid programs allow physical therapy students to study remotely online while also attending periodic in-person immersions where they can put their skills into practice on-campus.

Accelerating the Detection of Cerebral Palsy in Infants

A USC physical therapy researcher is leading a study to determine if a particular type of leg movement can be used to diagnose cerebral palsy in very early infancy.

A First for a USC Physical Therapy Researcher

A USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy PhD student is the division’s first-ever recipient of an F31 grant for her stroke rehab research.

USC Researchers Develop First Robotic Limb That Can Learn to Walk

Development of AI-controlled robotic limb could lead to creation of responsive prosthetics and robots that can interact with complex and changing environments.