Widney Society

Widney Society

Making profound contributions to an enduring future

Widney Alumni House

On the eve of the founding of the University of Southern California, Judge Robert Maclay Widney assembled a small council of leaders and shared his vision for the great university they would establish on the American frontier. They pledged to nurture the fledgling university and worked together to set a bold course for its future. Their vision, leadership and steadfast support have inspired Trojans for generations.

The Widney Society honors and celebrates the commitment of the University of Southern California’s benefactors who have given or pledged $1 million or more. The university is proud to recognize its leadership supporters by inducting them into this new society—and by establishing a new tradition in the inspirational spirit of Judge Widney. Together, we will make a profound contribution at this extraordinary moment in the university’s history and create an enduring legacy for the future.

“All my life, I have been telling people about the incredible future of Los Angeles. But in my wildest dreams, I never conceived anything as wonderful as this university.”

Judge Robert Maclay Widney,
USC Founder and Benefactor