USC Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT)

Support of the Institute for Creative Technologies at USC enables the study of basic and applied research in immersive technology, simulation, human performance, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and narrative by leveraging multi-disciplinary research to develop advanced prototypes and pilot projects that solve real-world problems facing service members, students, and society.

USC Jerry and Nancy Neely Leadership and Ethics Center

Founded in 2015 by USC Trustee Jerry Neely and his wife Nancy, the Neely Center for Ethical Leadership aims to solve one of the most difficult, but most important, challenges of our time: how to align emerging technologies – from simple algorithms to artificial intelligence (AI) – with ethical, human-centered values.

USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition

The continued and rapid growth of E-commerce has generated questions about its consequences for society, business, and the global economy. The USC Marshall Initiative on Digital Competition is a research center based at the USC Marshall School of Business that focuses on analyzing and understanding the effects of digital technology on competition and markets.

USC Spatial Sciences Institute

The USC Spatial Sciences Institute faculty and staff explore the frontiers of advanced spatial analytics and the potential that results when combining artificial intelligence, image processing and machine learning with geospatial infrastructures.

President’s Sustainability Strategic Fund

The global climate crisis is our call to action. With the support of President Carol L. Folt, USC is creating an urban forest, tapping the potential of our oceans, preparing the next generation of environmental innovators, and lowering our own carbon footprint.

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