Augmented Reality Glasses Make Life Easier for the Visually Impaired

USC researchers find that adapted augmented reality glasses significantly improve mobility and grasping ability in patients with degenerative eye disease.

Emotion-Reading Algorithms Cannot Predict Intentions Via Facial Expressions

A new USC Institute for Creative Technologies study reveals that algorithms fail basic tests as truth detectors.

Fighting Back Against the Ravages of Time

New USC Viterbi research tells us more than we’ve ever known about how and why our cells age, paving the way for a healthier, happier old age.

Grant to Expand Reach of USC Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program

The grant extends the USC Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program’s reach to include more community-based agencies in its efforts to provide quality care for older adults.


Americans’ Tolerance for Racist Speech Declines

Research by two USC Dornsife professors indicates that tolerance for racist speech has declined among younger Americans, the college-educated and political liberals.

Tackling the Lack of Diversity in Genetics Research

USC Viterbi researchers managed vast amounts of genetic data from multi-ethnic populations in a groundbreaking new study.

20th Century Hottest in Nearly 2,000 Years, Studies Show

Two global warming studies by an international network of scientists, including a USC climate science expert, indicate that the warming trend began after the industrial revolution.


Ostrow Researchers Discover How Genes for Tooth Roots Turn On and Off

The discovery could change the way dental implants are placed, allowing dentists to regenerate tooth roots that better integrate with jaw bone structures.

USC Hosts France-USA Stem Cell Symposium

The event brought together over 100 stem cell scientists from the two countries at the Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC.

Swimming Like a Shark

USC Viterbi Assistant Professor Mitul Luhar develops an algorithm to optimize surfaces for fast, frictionless motion in water and air.