A Surprising Connection Between Lava and Algae

USC Dornsife researchers discover that lava from the eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano sparked an algae super bloom in the North Pacific Ocean.

USC Researchers Explore Health Consequences of Shrinking Salton Sea

Two USC preventive medicine researchers are studying how losing California’s largest lake could affect the respiratory health of people in the Imperial Valley and beyond.

Augmented Reality Glasses Make Life Easier for the Visually Impaired

USC researchers find that adapted augmented reality glasses significantly improve mobility and grasping ability in patients with degenerative eye disease.

The Role of Philanthropic Leadership in Addressing Homelessness

A USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy case study reveals how philanthropic leadership has positioned Los Angeles to better grapple with the enduring challenge of homelessness.

The Astronomical Secrets of Saturn’s Amazing Rings

New analyses of the rings of Saturn reveal how and when they came to be, what they are made from and how long they will last.

Protecting and Preserving Languages Before They’re Forgotten

USC undergrad Prim Phoolsombat wants to use a blend of linguistics and computer science to save endangered languages before they disappear.

Emotion-Reading Algorithms Cannot Predict Intentions Via Facial Expressions

A new USC Institute for Creative Technologies study reveals that algorithms fail basic tests as truth detectors.

Fighting Back Against the Ravages of Time

New USC Viterbi research tells us more than we’ve ever known about how and why our cells age, paving the way for a healthier, happier old age.

Americans’ Tolerance for Racist Speech Declines

Research by two USC Dornsife professors indicates that tolerance for racist speech has declined among younger Americans, the college-educated and political liberals.

Tackling the Lack of Diversity in Genetics Research

USC Viterbi researchers managed vast amounts of genetic data from multi-ethnic populations in a groundbreaking new study.